Bubba Harsy Running For Illinois Attorney General To Fight Corruption

With a name like Bubba Harsy, you’d better be tough. Harsy is running for Illinois Attorney General as a Libertarian, and he’s got a different way of thinking than Chicago is used to.

He strives to fight government corruption, reduce health care costs, and eliminate unconstitutional special privileges such as retirement packages for past government officials. What does all this mean? This is what he had to say.

When asked which causes he would most like to promote when elected into office, the first on his list was tackling corruption. If you’re in a position of power, he would like to see you held accountable for any mistakes or missteps or wrongdoing done while you’re in office, and he wants the consequences to be wholly public in order to restore faith in government.

He would start by implementing an Anti-Public Corruption Division within his own office to provide a safe-haven for potential whistleblowers who were too afraid to come forward during the previous administration. The division would also make it easier to investigate these claims.

Harsy wants to take on a bigger role in the prosecution of such corruption by working together with other state attorneys. With the proper advisement, he sees the attorney general as an office with more potential for getting stuff done than it’s ever used.

In addition, he would like to promote legislation that increases the penalties for government corruption in order to deter future crimes from happening. He would like to see longer prison sentences, as well as new categories of criminal activity for “bad acting” government officials.

He would also like to erase laws which bar Illinois residents from seeking out health insurance in other states. Bubba believes that health care costs have increased exponentially because of this restriction. When fewer options are available or affordable, a monopoly develops, forcing prices to go up yet again in a vicious cycle. He wants to see a stop to rising health care costs while in office.

Business, as usual, is over if he makes it into office.