Republicans Say Democrats Have Lost Their Minds When Beginning Impeachment Inquiry

After many months of fighting against even the possibility of impeachment, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has finally given the go-ahead to begin an impeachment inquiry. The process of impeachment does not directly remove the president from office; instead, it is the process by which a president is accused of political or criminal wrongdoing. Have Democrats really lost their minds to begin this process, as Republicans have said?

Probably not.

It’s difficult to argue against President Trump’s innumerable unlawful and immoral acts while in office, but many have tried to do it anyway. Each side of the political aisle has put forth its own story of current events, and the facts are murky for those who are trying to find an absolute truth in this fight.

The Ukraine story began several months ago because of an admission that Trump made. He said if another country had information on a political opponent, he’d want to hear about it. Political officials immediately decried the comments as evidence of the president’s lack of awareness of the laws under which the office of president sits.

And then it turned out that shortly after the comment was made, Trump did exactly that: he requested dirt on a political opponent.

Shortly thereafter a military aid package that Congress appropriated to the Ukraine was withdrawn by the president. The summary of a call to the Ukrainian president around the same time shows he asked for a favor to investigate Biden. Although no direct connection to the denied military package was established, it’s difficult to rule out the possibility that quid pro quo was generally implied during the phone call. Remember, we can’t hear how things were said. We can only see what was said — and we haven’t even seen yet. 

Not really, anyway.

Republicans have repeatedly suggested that the Democrats’ story isn’t supported by a “transcript” of the call that was recently released — but it’s important to remember that the log was not an official transcript of the call: it was only a summary of talking points by those who were privy to the conversation, which makes it just as likely that their own political biases may have been in play when determining what information to release to the public.

In addition, aides who were aware of the call took steps to place the actual transcript on a secured server where fewer people would have access to it, leading to allegations of a cover-up. 

According to new polls on the subject of impeachment, support for the inquiry has gone up slightly. Anywhere from 37 to 47 percent of Americans support impeachment based on a number of polls conducted after the Ukraine news broke on 9/20.